I have read quiet accurate deffinitions, so I won't describe what is all about.

In my opinion, neopets has always been a rather complicated and unfair game. The difficulty lays in the fact that it is EASIER to make money in the real world, than in neopets world.
Actually, it is not a game fit for people who have a real living, such as works, and studies to take care of. Neopets is far from an entertaining game to distract yourself, since it's so frustrating, and it's an enormous time sucker.

The frustration of it comes with the fact that it is very hard to combine social life with neopian success. It is almost impossible to win at any of the contests, I am a farily good artist, and I never, ever won the art competition (whatever it's called), and was outsmarted by much worse pictures than mine. I never won the beauty contest either, and only once did I win the storytelling.

As far as I remember, you need like millions of neopoints to get a paintbrush, and, in my experience, I was able to get 10,000 np a day, playing several hours.

I must say that I stopped playing neopets for those reasons. I needed to study, and further in the future, I started working. Social life, and neopets can't match.

To make a virtual comunity, well, it's fine. I find it extremely complicated for children, since they are the most competitive.

But as an entertaining game, well, there are other games out there, like the mythical AOE, which is FAR more entertaining than this distorted representation of our actual world.
It is easier to make real money. Real money can be wasted in the following things: Food, a house, a car, a wonderful gift to a loving husband, giving your children the life they deserve.

Neopoints: It is far harder to get them, and waisting your time in neopets means waisting time in real life. Neopoints can be spent in the following: brushes, food, clothes (all virtual, obviously), weapons, etc.

Now choose your priorities. I've chosen.
by Dragon Nighthowler April 12, 2008
A virtual pet website initially designed for bored college students, although currently most players are younger than 16. Each player is allowed four pets on up to five accounts; one account --and one only-- may be used to play games, which there are numerous of. By playing games, a user may gain Neopoints -- which may be used to buy such items as paint brushes (to paint/change the appearance of an existing Neopet), toys, food, etc. NeoBoards give users the option of communicating with one another, and are separated into several different sections (such as Avatars/NeoSignatures, Help, and Fan Clubs). Guilds are mainly groups that consist of users with similar interests; a user may belong to only one guild at a time.

Most importantly: The equivalent (though slightly more harmful) to cocaine.
Neopets fucking ruined four years of my life! If you haven't already joined, don't. You will be unable to escape the hell without severe consequences.
Ya think I'm joking, don't ya?

To those poor ignorant souls who are still addicted: Get help. Seriously. Hire a therapist. And before you get all fuckin' defensive.. I was never frozen; I was just smart and left. :)
by J-Don August 22, 2007
Neopet is a site thatis supposedly based around owning virtual pets, but is in fact more about making money, or Neopoints. Much like anything targeted at children, the site has sparked a certain amount of controversy, some of it unfar and occaisionally idiotic (see example 1) However, TNT (or The Neopets Team, the moderators and owners of the site) are widely acknowledged, even throughout fans of neopets, as being a little trigger-happy when it comes to freezing accounts. Other users can also be like this(see example 2) Finally, Neopets has also come under criticism for exposing users (of whom there are far less than they claim) to immersive advertising and gambling games. Some of these reports have been unfair, however, thanks to some stupid australian kid. (see example 3)
1. 'the boards are full of n00bs who cant type propr english'
2, Someone posting: I like cheese.
TNT: Ah, I can't be bothered to decide who's right,
lets just ice everyone who's been on this board.

(this did not actually happen)

3, Australian kid infront of reporters: If I don't gamble to make money, my pets will starve and be put up for adoption!

(This is completely wrong. You never have to gamble, as there is free food available if you have no money, and money is easy to make, plus food is cheap. And no matter how hungry Neopets get, they are never taken away, unless an account is frozen)
by Alastair Potts April 05, 2008
About the gayest site in the world. Very addictive. One can waste HOURS on the website, and DREAM of their pixel pet, and think of "cute" ways to find their "pet" a gf or bf. People who are "insiders" on the site have ABSOLUTELY NO LIVES WHATSOEVER. And when people consider the people they chat with to be "their friends" its sad, cuz they really dont have REAL FRIENDS.

Dumbest site in the INTERNET.
by Kalcutta May 29, 2005
A place where you meet people, no not children (usually high school or college students) become their friends, are very close for months on end and are suddenly betrayed... They don't give a damn because they can't see you. And yet you keep playing because the site is more addictive than cigarettes.
Guild Leader: I'm waiting for this stupid guild to die so I have an excuse to quit neopets
Me: What?!
Guild Leader: Fuck off I'm a problem drinker
by Michelle P. September 05, 2007
A neopet is a pet people can create on neopets. The neopet is the main part of the game (although many people do stay on for the chats/avatars..etc). People can do a lot of things with the pet, for example: paint the neopet, feed it, zap...etc.
Wenieia, the robot grundo, is a neopet.
by antiquewhite April 09, 2006
A game on the internet, which is so "fun" that you can count potatoes, that nerds and those with little or no lives are drawn to, and never ever return.
"Why the hell are you playing neopets?"
"Its fun try it!"
"No way, I don't do drugs."
"Why not?"
by Master Gee May 19, 2004

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