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pussy-whiped; a man that does anything that a woman tells him to no matter what it is.
Man chris jasperson is a pw.
by Cody Sevedge August 30, 2003
167 51
Abbreviation for password.
-2on2 pcw?
-k, give me ip pw.
by cuko November 17, 2007
48 41
Acronym. Pussy Whooped. The opposite of having balls. Good at taking orders. Have no say-so in any decision making. Knows he will get halfed in a divorce, pay cs, and alimony. When confronted...'It's cheaper to keep her' is the reply by 99.9% of the PW.
Child 1: 'wow!!' 'did you see him heal?' All she said,'keep your mouth shut!'

Child 2:'yeah! we just witnessed the perfect example of the extremely PW!'

Child 1:'She's got him trained to obey!' LMAO!
by INoTOpwnD33P October 08, 2011
7 1

1) to assure your fellow cast mates you know all your lines only to blank on stage and leave them floundering.

2) a person who shows up when and if they feel like it

3) To fall asleep in class everyday

4) a person who quits in the middle of something
1) "Dude, I'm so pissed off. I can't believe he just PW-ed me on stage. What a jackass."

2) "Hey guys do you know where AJ is?"
"Probably pulling a PW if I had to guess"

3) "Hey can I borrow your notes? I got no sleep last night so I was PW-ing all during class today."

4) "Guys, I'm so tired of this shit!"
"Dude, is he seriously pulling a PW again?"
by Elizabeth Proctor March 30, 2010
18 14
P.W is the initials for Pine Wood Ave in West Palm Bech Fl Located In Palm Beach County, it has mostly hispanic and african americans. The Gang 33rd St claims Pine Wood Ave, and there is also Pine Wood ENT, which is rap songs form people who grew up in that hood. also called "the woods"
lil Loco: "ay where you from"

Flako: "P.W y where u from?"

Lil Loco: "i'm from L-dub"

Flako: "orale"
by Palm Beach County Gra! July 28, 2011
5 3
Short for Pussy Whipped
Josh Hubacher is P.W.
by Tittielover3 January 13, 2010
1 0
Pussy Wipe
1. That girl seriously needs to invest in some pw's. Her shit is stankin.
by Raiiiit January 05, 2011
14 14