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Currency of United States of America. Once the favoured currency of speculators and travellers but recently eclipsed by the euro. The value of the American Dollar has declined rapidly in recent years and is now worth around half of a UK pound or 80% of a Euro.
1 American Dollar = 80 euro cents
by Thegasman February 27, 2004
Liberal: 'To stop international terrorism we need to work with other countries and foster a spirit of peace and understanding between different cultures and ideology. We should stop burning up our finite resources and use a little of our vast wealth to aid the third world'.

George W. 'cocaine rush; ooops i've knackered the oil company; praise jesus i'm saved; god bless America' Bush Jr
by Thegasman April 11, 2005
A lovely place. Very north European in outlook whilst embracing all cultures. Not the most *American* of North American cities but by far the best. Because of its geography it has evolved in a very classical manner, downtown being centered in southern Manhatten but starting to spill into Brooklyn and upwards into Harlem and the Bronx, with the suburbs on a distinctly 'second tier' of development; this contrasts sharply with the 'multi-hubbed' nature of Los Angeles with its multiple high rise centres making LA much more of a governmental concept than a unified civic community.
Everyone cityphile should go there atleast once.
by Thegasman February 24, 2004

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