Neoconservative; a socially-conservative socialist. The opposite of a libertarian. Many neocons tout militarism as their single issue.
The neocons planned Operation Iraqi Freedumb.
by Iraqi Freedumb 2 June 26, 2009
1: Republicans who favor social authoritarianism and plutocracy
2: Anti-Intellectualists, and economic stagnationists.
3: Complete and utter dirtbags of pure, unrefined trash that only look out for their own wealth and contribute nothing to the betterment of man kind.
Worthless. Malignant. Junk.
In an act characteristic of the Nazis, the neocons are now proposing that all people who make less than $50,000 a year be exterminated in concentration camps along with the gays, ethnic peoples and atheists.
by HDorriker March 24, 2005
Short for Neo-Conservative. They are in fact not conservative at all. They are in reality an opportunistic clicque educated at top colleges who rose up to be White House advisors and Washington spivs when they sensed the tide was shifting with Ronald Reagans rise to power.

They never serve in the military but want hicks to fight battles in foreign lands in order to protect globalism, or "American Interests." They rarely work for manufacturers or any product-oriented business, but rather network between law firms and public relations offices when they are not actually in Plum jobs.

Their favorite magazine is Rupert Murdoch's Weekly Standard, they hate Chronicles Magazine, the John Birch Society, the Rockford Institute and any other group that is Mid-West based and which exposes their nefarious activities.
Neocons all seem to be related in some way with the gang at Commentary and those other former SDS clowns.
by England phi beta gamma January 21, 2008
invincible on the home front, but invisible on the REAL front (the front lines of a war, that is).

basically a tough-talking, know-nothing blowhard who lives vicariously through our REAL heroes - the brave fighting men and women in uniform who preserve the freedom by which we live.
those damn blood-thirsty, flag-waving uber-patriot neo-cons are at it again, sticking their big fat hairy noses where they don't belong!
by sascha dinkelmann May 01, 2006
Despite the name, neocons are neither new nor conservative. Neocons favor globalization, upper-class tax cuts to bankrupt the government, taxing only earned income, teaching that masturbation can cause pregnancy, banning gay marriage, ruling the world, and election systems which don't have a paper trail. Don't try to converse with neocons; they take any sort of criticism as censorship, and will often resort Serdar Argic-style debate tactics.
Anyone you see on 24-hour news
by Xyzzy January 09, 2005
Neoconservative; a misnomer for the American Neo-Stalinist movement (aka the Neo-Republican LeftRight).

Supposedly Neocons are socialists and leftists that “crossed the aisle” to the Right. However, in reality they remain somewhere in the middle, and off to the evil side. Neocons are evil in a way that only those who believe in the physical reality of devil can really understand. Most Neocons are mentally-ill velociraptors, Ivy-League psychopaths, or sheltered bourgeois, who are not so much stupid as naïve, insane, and delusional. The Neoconservative movement is a figure of hatred for both the traditional individualist Right and their former comrades on the Old Left.

Like true communists, Neocons believe the tax-paying public are obligated to spend their lives working to fund the testing of their evilly-retarded military theories. Unlike other communists, however, they don’t give a shit whether their comrades have shelter, medical care, or any of the other basic necessities of life, and fanatically endorse socialized militarism at the expense of real public needs.

The Neocon’s idea of war is like the virgin’s idea of sex. Neocons are utterly, totally, and completely ignorant of war and the military. No Neocon has ever served in the military, and veterans are categorically excluded from being called a Neocon. Neocons used their wealth and privilege to avoid their generation’s war, yet feel they are qualified experts on the subject. Other than Powell, there was not 5 minutes of actual military experience in the entire Bush administration, which predictably resulted in the dumbest military maneuver since the Maginot Line (Operation Iraqi Freedumb).

The only achievement of the Neoconservative movement has been to render the term conservative meaningless. Neocons have looted the American treasury like a mob of criminally insane communists on methamphetamine, and yet still claim to be conservatives. Only a fool or a whore could consider Neocons to be actual conservatives
If you’re an Iraqi Freedumb supporter, but don’t know your arse from your tits when it comes to war or fighting, you might be a Neocon.
by Neocon Hater April 27, 2008
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