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Neocons: A fabricated politico group that according to the most liberal of left wing ideologists; Bound and determined to make you believe that GOD should be in every aspect of ones life, that Big Business is second only to GOD, that government should know everything you're doing and if it doesn't jive with Big Business or GOD then it's illegal. Neocons believe that anything enjoyable is sin, sex is meant for pro-creation, not pleasure, any and all drugs are bad mkay.
The neocon epithet is tossed around much like a racial slur however it does not single out race. "anyone" can be a neocon. It only has one simple requirement. Disagree with anything from the left, especially the most socialist left wing of the democratic party, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, etc.

To a radical left winger disagreeing with any of the statements of the aforementioned individuals ipso facto means that you are not "thinking for yourself" and thereby a sheep to the right. If you question anything from the extreme left, then you are "stupid" "retarded" a "follower"

So in order to be a "free thinker" and not a "neocon" you must and shall obey every request made to you by the democratic party. Never question any appearance of impropriety, and automatically write it off as neocon propaganda. Because to question the mighty and tenacious "D" is not "American" and not "Patriotic" All energies must be applied to questioning and accusing the evil "R" while ignoring the other party altogether. This is what is expected. No exceptions.
Anyone who disagrees with the radical left is a "Neocon"
by Voodguru August 03, 2009
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