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originality From Copiague NY

Was Used instead of Nigga Or ninja

preferly used To end most sentences...neeze
Person 1: Neezeeeee

person 2: Neezeeee

Person 1: WAdz Good Neeze

person 2: Shit Neeze Mackin

person 1: Word Neeze
#kneez #neeze #neez #neezee #kneeze
by ChuCkz December 20, 2009
Softer version of the slang term, "nigga".
invented 06-04-2009 by folokingx
yo wass gudd mi neeze (wass gud mi niggz)
wass gudd neezy
#neeze #neezy #neezie #neez #neezo
by folokingx June 04, 2009
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