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another meaning for the extra skin on the knee
Davis, don't you go be touching my wass ya' hear!
#weinis #knee skin #sexy #snell #baysically
by mildford d. cubicle June 24, 2006
when people are chat breeze and they are a snake
soulman is a wass guy
#snake #gassed #bait #ass #prick
by steffie kay September 05, 2010
Wet ass. Used either in the literal sense or when "ass" is not strong enough.
You are such a wass.
by kalenedrael October 15, 2003
Means 'ass,' but used when it is inappropriate to use the actual term 'ass'
you stupid wass!
by Kengou October 10, 2003
Combonation of the words weird and ass.
Dude, Brintey Spears is so wass.
#weird #ass #wass #britney spears #conjunction
by LolointheSkywithDiamonds September 20, 2008
Slang for "wack ass" To be used when ass is inapporpiate (in school) or insufficent. Other forms include fass "fat ass" or drass "drunk ass." Can be used in combination
"Dude, you are such a wass."

"That wass-fass just ate a whole pizza."
by Matt November 30, 2004
Verb A semi-sexual act involving two males spooning pole to hole.

An unwanted male on male interaction usually under the sheets.

To be completely gay and or douch bag in any given situation.
Jerimiah: Dude I spent the night with Josh last night and he Wassed me so hard.

Nathan: Bro you gotta watch out for that Wass he will do it everytime.
#spooning #rape #gay sex #tits in my wass #ass play
by SexOnTheBeach22 February 22, 2011
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