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Adverb. having the same meaning as no or incorrect.
Person 1- Are you going to that new club tonight?

Person 2- Neez, I am going to the bar instead.
by Melissakills August 18, 2006
A substitution for the word nigga. Used in only the right places tho. Never put the word " my" before it.
instead of sayin yo nigga this girl is trippin. you can say yo neez this girl is stumblin.
by Jbigz January 10, 2008
Derived from the slang phrase "Taiwanese Neeega". Means ghetto, 'bad', cool, or messed up. Generally an all purpose exclaimatory.
Dude, that was so Neez!
You are a neez!
by Twumanator June 06, 2003