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Scottish word for Turnip or Swede...
"Neeps and Tatties" is often served with Haggis, and is especially popular on Burn's Night...

There is a lot of disagreement on whether a neep is actually a turnip or a swede...but is used to describe both.

If you go to the BBC food website, you can find a recipe for Neeps & Tatties
by Flook666 May 14, 2010
15 4
Remnant substance left over from vaporizing marijuana buds; usually light brown in color and smells vaguely of popcorn. Not particularly useful in and of itself but can be used in an isopropyl or butane extraction to make low-grade hash oil suitable for making potent edibles.
Tap that neep out, I'm going to do another vape hit.
by Johnny Rico March 24, 2007
210 105
A super tiny frog that is less than a centimeter in length.
Oh snap, there's a neep on my finger!!!
by blahneepblah June 14, 2009
24 19
1. An expression of confusion when a situation is viewed that is not understood completely.

2. Can also be used when you would like clarification of a term or phrase.

3. Can be an expression of excitement

4. Can be an expression of sadness

5. Can be used as a "filler"

6. Used to sing song lyrics when not entirely known

amongst numerous other potential uses.
1. "Can you tell him she said I said to say he wants me to do the thing" .. "neep?"

2. "Do you understand" .. "neep :( "

3. "Ice Cream for everyone!" .. "NEEP!"

4. "No icecream for anyone" .. "neep :( "

5. "neep then I said neep neep like say neep whatever"

6. "I like big neeps and I cannot lie, you other neeps can't deny. When a neep walks in with that little neepy neep you get neeped!"
by neepster April 11, 2013
6 2
Neeps an old Scottish slang word for mashed turnip, a root vegetable
"on rabbie burns night, you eat Haggis, Neeps and Tatties"
on Robert Burns night, you eath Haggis, Mashed Turnip and Mashed Potatos
by Scotlands Voice September 02, 2012
3 0
A period of sleep or a nap that is more than two hours and less than five hours. Very popular with college students.
Man I neeped so long i missed my class
by shadow goddess February 25, 2012
4 2
verb; to complain
Stop neeping about bad sex and try something different.
by Neep-o-lot April 18, 2011
7 7