a mean way to say "no"
Josh: Would you say that I am the mac daddy?
Amanda: Neeps!
by Amanda March 14, 2005
a swede. An orange coloured root vegetable. Ate in vast amounts on the Isle of Skye
See that wee neep, it's no a turnip it's a swede.
by H. Aggis September 30, 2007
Using the brunch mentality (the in-between meal for breakfast and lunch), neep is a word to describe a period of rest longer than a nap but shorter than a full-blown sleep.
"I ran to the store, dropped the kids off at school, took a neep, then made dinner".
by DMCG March 23, 2006
To neep. The act of sniffing where a woman has been sat. Yorkshire term.
Eh up mate, look at Steve. He's neeping her sun lounger.
by whistler February 07, 2004
Falling over while in a deep yoga position.
I can't hold this neeeeep
by The Captains Friend October 24, 2003
Another term for No. Sometimes preceeded by AHH.
"Are you going to the store?" "Neep"
"Do I look good in this?" "Neep"
"Are you going to tell me or not?" "Ahhh Neeep!"
by Wildstar January 20, 2006
A person who has a small penis and enjoys the act of frantic masturbation.
My mate's a right Neep, he won't stop playing with his tiny cock!
by Hunter April 24, 2005

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