when someone is kissing ur neck (giving u hickies)but u have dark skin so u cant see the marks. basicaly when a dark skinned person is in the act of recieveing a hickey
person 1: last night i was necking Letrycia
person 2: dont u mean giving her a hickie?
person 1: Nah bro, she so dark u couldnt see the marks!
by choclatefox September 11, 2007
When two individuals (usually lovers) extend their necks forward and caress softly their necks together. Creating a friction as though their necks were wood and they were creating a fire.
"Babe, lets get to Necking."
"Oh, I don't feel like it. My neck is still sore from the last time."

"Hey, do you wanna make like Giraffes and neck real hard?"

by Quinieus the 45th February 06, 2015

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