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A military division that has been and still is stereotyped as a military branch full of homosexual guys.
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
An article of clothing and/or attire belonging to Old Navy.
1) I'm rocking a puce Navy hoody I spent a couple of ducats on. These threads is mad white.

2) If you have to take the time to point out the word "Navy" being used in a seaworthy fashion, you should be capped.
by sux0r April 16, 2007
To take a shit.

Derived from the act of dropping turds - as in Navy vessels and/or projectiles such as bombs or missles. Used in similar context as drop bombs or dropping the kids off at the pool.
Dude, after all those beans I just ate, I've got to go navy.
by _fish October 06, 2006
A branch that serves as the Limo, Religious, and Medical service for the Marines
I like you Navy boys. Whenever we have to go somewhere to fight, you folks always give us a ride.
by Bill September 26, 2005
Navy are the Marines lil brother. Marines are the men's department of the Navy.
Sailors (Navy) and Marines fight each other but stop in order to monkey stomp Soldiers and Airmen into the deck. Coast Guard is homeland security but is more or less DoT not DoD.
by Sgtkilla1371 October 24, 2007
The gay, retarded kid brother of the Marine Corps.
Navy Sailor: "Marines suck!!"

(Marine slits squids throat)
by killydood January 22, 2009
1.The branch of service that sees no combat or action.
2.High school like action
3.janitorial staff, and paint team
" I joined the navy and all i do id paint and sweep."
by katamari_burrito July 29, 2005