Branch of the United States military that gets the job done, simple as that. People may throw off on our sexual orientation, but no one criticizes our work ethic and ability.
Go Navy: Accelerate Your Life!
In the Navy I can:
Drive the Ship
Fly the Plane
Ride the Sub
Suck it Up
by Captain's Bitch September 22, 2003
Navy is a Synonym for hell.
For a perfect example, go to your local Navy recruiter to see how you can sign up.
by Screw Navy March 27, 2007
Marines run there mouth about this branch, but the fact is they have more HOMOSEXUAL Cases than any other branch. They also go on deployments and dig foxholes and sleep with one another!
The Marine told the sailor "Go underway come back GAY" while underway...

The Navy and Marines argue and fight like little girls and talk about how gay the other one is...

The Marines and Navy will fight and argue until an Airman or Soilder comes aboard...

by herwuighoi3 October 22, 2008
Branch of the US military that primarily handles sea operations. The Navy also has air forces (naval aviators), ground forces (USMC is under the Department of the Navy), and special forces (SEALS, DEVGRU). The USN transports and provides support to Marines, along with anti-piracy operations and other duties. During the Cold War the Navy ran a huge intelligence program against the Soviet Union using submarines.
the navy is a key part of the United States armed forces
by kmfr August 29, 2010
The Navy is military operated, usually in the sea. Has more airplanes than the Air Force, transports Marines, and includes the best special ops forces such as SWCC, SEALS, and EOD.
man #1: i think i want to join the military

man #2: join the Navy, its pretty awesome

man #1: sounds good, thanks for having my back, bro
by Kittyx23 November 11, 2011
Never Again Volunteer Yourself
I cann't belive I joined the N.A.V.Y.
by Psychosmurf January 10, 2010
Never Again Volunteer Yourself

Military group who spend a lot of their time on the water... or ashore if the ships need work
'Barney realised after enlisting in the Navy for 5 years what the word 'NAVY' really stood for - Never Again Volunteer Yourself'
by Mandi78 January 18, 2009

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