Branch of military that attracts gay men. Due to the long time at sea, even some straight men will have sex of other men, then turn straight when back on dry land.
A group of gay men formed the band Village People. Their song "In The Navy" shows how active gays are in the Navy.
by Doug Hightower September 22, 2005
This is an organization that is composed of the people around the world that never fit into normal society. These people are known as the scum and losers of their hometowns. This is why they have chosen a career in the Navy. This is the only place they can feel comfortable with people who are just as disliked and outcasted as they are. Some nicknames for these people are "Semen", "Tools, and of course "Bloodcunts".
The Navy is filled with Tools and Bloodcunts! Never be a part of an organization filled with Navy losers!
by MMA84 April 24, 2007
A band of little bitches that hide on there boats far away from danger and need the marines to protect them from eveything from sadam to fish o yea and they really are gay some piece of shit sailor tried to rape me yesterday
o man they sent the navy were all dead.
Not the navy lets call the marines.
even the armys better than the navy.
by super marine December 07, 2006
Definatly the gayest branch of the military, not gay as in happy but just outright homosexual. The NAVY has been around a long time and have pretty much been a bunch of little wiener lickers since day one. Sure the Marine Corps is a part of the NAVY but ask any Marine what they think. Joining the NAVY isn't serving your country, it's being able to be a nasty un-disciplined little piece of S**t, and rat on every other person to make them selves look better.
SAILOR 1:Hey Jim, wanna lick my balls?

SAILOR 2:Sure I'm in the NAVY, I love ball licking.

CIVILIAN: Man where can i go to get college money and still be accepted for being a total homo?

NAVY RECRUITER: IN THE NAVY! Join now and we will provide 35k for college and a gallon of vaseline. What else could you ask for.
by F-MAFIA August 20, 2006
pansies, or group of men who enjoy participating in butt sex.
that navy guy is a panze.
by george March 02, 2005
The best commerical I have ever seen on TV.
Sitting on a nice little boat somewhere in the ocean and bombing the fucking hell out of innocent people? That is so totally awesome.
Accelerate my life? Sure why the hell not! I always thought my life was long enough, hey why not accelerate it a little and get it over with sooner so I can spend more time dead!
US NAVY dude:
"Yo so I just came back from Iraq...I showed those fudging Iraqi school children. Haha ever see a kid cry because you killed his parents for oil? That's fun...hahaa. Let's watch some MTV and have some KFC."
by TheStatesWho? March 30, 2005
An over-rated service. Some how it is still needed though in order for us to win wars.
Eric: I hate Floating jokes aka Navy.

Bruce: Why are they called floating jokes?

Eric: When's the last time we used the Navy in a war? World War II
by Bruce July 08, 2004

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