your virgin ass needed...

typically, when you get out of the navy you will know that dildos do come in non skid editions up to 12 inches
Shit, just got the 12 inch non skid dildo ram rodded up my ass again by the navy!
by fmlifeftnavy April 28, 2009
my new home when I get outta school.
The Navy will be my home.
by FhillyMan April 07, 2004
The military branch that tranports the marines and is equially
as used for us to win as any other and if you don't believe me look up the USS pennsylvania it's one badass submarine and try and say they ain't as if not more impotant as the others
Just try and piss a Navy sailor off
by Zartec February 08, 2010

BM3: Ow, ooch, man, thats kinda rough
BM3: yes, put a nice thick coat on.
by BattlePhrogPip April 07, 2007
sweet talker. Sensitive to rude obnoxious people. A freak in the sheets but loves to cuddle after sex anytime. Funny at anything it does. Smart ass at anything and it's a bitch when it wants to be.
Man I need a navy in my life.
by Rebecca Night February 03, 2010
The Marine Corp's taxi.
The Marine Corp part of the Navy ; THE MEN'S DEPARTMENT!
by The Devil Dog May 22, 2011
A transportation system for the United States Marine Corps.
The navy has boats, lots of 'em.
by Jack Grabowski December 12, 2004
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