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A white washed korean girl who loves art. She loves art so much she lives, dreams, and sleeps about art. She wish she can be art herself. She wishes she was dark. She has long black hair. Her fingernails are long. She's the nicest person on the planet.
Wait, is that a Naree over there?

Woah! I want to meet that Naree!
by Dphenice May 05, 2011
An short, ugly, chubby faced, small eyed korean girl who pretends to be a sweet and innocent girl but becomes psycho bitch to her own boyfriend or other girls who are prettier than her. Often boring in bed, stupid, always on a diet and like to watch korean Dramas.
A: Whos that girl?
B: Dude, Stay away dude. She's a real Naree.
A: Damn, thanks for the heads up.
by JoeyBoey October 08, 2010
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