The apptly named "nar" is a species unliike any other, their uniquely distorted concept of being "different" is wearing a hat exactly the same as the nar next to him. It is quite confusing in the way that there are two "JD Sports" bags, one designed for girls, one for boys, perfectly resonable you might say? However, it's when the boy starts to wear the girl bag when one starts to worry. (Maybe lack of knowledge involving the difference between male and female) Or the lack of any kind of knowledge. The phrase "Raise meh" has become quite popular with our TN wearing hooded friends, it is beleived for it to mean "give me some money" as if you dont you may find your self ending up as a pile of broken bones on the floor.

Nar's are quite easily identifiable, they usually accumilate around small smelly grocery shops such as "Happy Shopper" Or sometimes chemists, incase there is a desperate urge to steal contraceptives. Their tends to be around 5-578 boys and 1-2 girls in the group. The girl would usually be described with the phrase "Whore","Slut" or "Village Bike" (Everyones had a ride) They may be wearing far too much jewellery than is necessary and usually appear as though they have been involved in an explosion at a cosmetics factory. (Bra-size estimated at 50-ZZ) The nars in general usually find humour in claiming you have called their mum or been racist (dont worry, their concept of racist is a happy smile and a friendly gesture). A select few manage to learn to drive (after several hundred-thousand lessons) and think they're the dogs bollocks chugging around in a clapped out rusty fiesta. Even though the sound system is completely wank, if it can produce enough volume so as they can jump about in the back like idiots they will be completely satisfied with it. They are also sometimes recogniseable by the height of their waist line, I would be inclined to rename it "Kneeline" as they tend to have close to a metre and a half of trouser leg trailing behind them. I have noticed lately, that the colour pink is becoming popular, pink "nike shox" are being worn on men. I'm sure they will soon all begin wearing long wigs and bras.
"What you on with dan?"
by Chris Lawlor June 21, 2004
Stands for No Aparent Response

When somebody says, or does, something that is so stupid you can't believe they even said or did it.
Jill: Remind me to take December, 31st off. I don't want to work on Christmas Eve this year.

John: NAR!!!
by Hawkchops September 19, 2011
short for gnarly.
did you catch that nar episode of barney?
by long dong silvers February 18, 2004
a word that people from Louisiana with blind dogs say when they are upset or cranky with the world and their best friends.
"Hey eric what are we doing tonight?"
"I dunno bastard i gotta go feed mah blind dog narrrs."

"Hey eric, how was your day?"
"Ehhh NARS!!"
"Ok cya later"
by Eric Meyers May 12, 2004
An exclamation used when chasing a squirrel.
*sees squirrel* "NAR!"
by w00tness February 10, 2007
1. An outcry of randomness.
2. An exclamation used in place of another word.
3. One who says or understands Nar.
1. NAR!
2. I'll nar you to nar!
3. I am a nar type person.
by Blizzleair July 14, 2003
Cry of the narwhal
Narwhals will swim hundreds of miles to find their's one now!
by TreeWeezel May 08, 2011
Nar used by pirates and wanna' be pirates. Also known as the negation of yar
Do you fancy men Long John? Nar.
by Bijou April 22, 2004

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