Really ugly chick... worse than fugly
That beeatch is nar
by Big Ron February 22, 2003
Synonymous with "duh" or "that was stupid"
Because the answer to 1+1 was obvious, and Timmy answered 3, everyone was like "Nar!"
by skittlesqueen February 20, 2003

snow or pavement used to shred on

usally used to ski, snowboard, or longboard on
do you want to go sread the nar today?

I just shredded the nar.
by BxIxGxOxNxE November 13, 2010
the name of a crater on jupiter's moon callisto
if there are aliens anywhere in this solar system i hope they are in nar
by iamthewalrus123 July 14, 2010
Nar is a prefix, suffix, and a stand alone word that can be added to other words to make them seem less boring and more extreme. It is a liquid word.
Narmazing- amazing x nar = twice as amazing as normal
Nargly- twice as ugly as normal
Negative Nar- no
Nar!- happy
Nar!- unhappy
Nar- so-so
by flamebamsammamtamram April 09, 2010
A term short for gnarly, however most do not realize how unbelievably homosexual the shortening is. For instance, if someone wanted to exclaim SO GNARLY, yet shortened it to SONAR, they and everyone else around them would laugh for 2 seconds before realized that the word nar is for homosexuals who like puns.
Dude. CoD4 is soooo Nar

Hold on bro, sonar?

FUCK MAN! SONAR! that's sooo nar!
by slothosaurus July 25, 2009
A hot sexy hunk. To be used only of men.
Hey! Check out that hot nar!
by SideshowBob April 13, 2006

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