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No Alcohol Required
When you have an awesome night with out drinking, ie remained sober all night.

As a status update:

"Pretty awesome night, NAR :D"
by Ohmagawdninja March 02, 2012
5 4
nigga aint real
n.a.r. is tellin on yo boy when he cheating
stealing from yo boy
just not being real
by dnuice November 02, 2010
0 1
A slang word for ejaculation. Used mostly in schools as a joke for when a guy for NARS-No apparent reason, squirts.
Omg, you just nars'ed!
by E3pO September 04, 2008
7 10
A generic filler word used when you're at loss for the correct interjection, or you must refrain from cursing.

(possible substitution for a word)
Rambling: "Oh, and I'm so funny, nar nar nar nar."

Angry: "My freaking computer! NARRRRRRR"

And I think you should be creative in thinking of situations appropriate for the usage of this word.
by Scaren106 September 03, 2011
5 9
the name of a crater on jupiter's moon callisto
if there are aliens anywhere in this solar system i hope they are in nar
by iamthewalrus123 July 14, 2010
4 8
American spelling for an abbreviated form of narsty, also meaning disgusting or gross. (root word: nasty)
"Dude, check out this spider, it's totally huge!!"
"OMG! That is so nars!"
by shopaholic123 November 21, 2009
1 5
defining a person who looks and acts in a stupid way; may be used to break the ice between someone and will always make another laugh whe said properly.
Did you see her being a nar?
by brytt January 16, 2008
21 25