No Alcohol Required
When you have an awesome night with out drinking, ie remained sober all night.

As a status update:

"Pretty awesome night, NAR :D"
by Ohmagawdninja March 02, 2012
A slang word for ejaculation. Used mostly in schools as a joke for when a guy for NARS-No apparent reason, squirts.
Omg, you just nars'ed!
by E3pO September 04, 2008
American spelling for an abbreviated form of narsty, also meaning disgusting or gross. (root word: nasty)
"Dude, check out this spider, it's totally huge!!"
"OMG! That is so nars!"
by shopaholic123 November 21, 2009
defining a person who looks and acts in a stupid way; may be used to break the ice between someone and will always make another laugh whe said properly.
Did you see her being a nar?
by brytt January 16, 2008
A generic filler word used when you're at loss for the correct interjection, or you must refrain from cursing.

(possible substitution for a word)
Rambling: "Oh, and I'm so funny, nar nar nar nar."

Angry: "My freaking computer! NARRRRRRR"

And I think you should be creative in thinking of situations appropriate for the usage of this word.
by Scaren106 September 03, 2011
nigga aint real
n.a.r. is tellin on yo boy when he cheating
stealing from yo boy
just not being real
by dnuice November 02, 2010
Short for "Nigger Assault Rifle". Often refers to a modified Glock or smaller pistol made to resemble an assault rifle.
"Yo did you see Jamal's new custom NAR?"
"Yeah, that shit was off the God damn chain."
by LolGooseneck October 03, 2011

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