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Geeky or uncool
"God that kid was talkin bout his comp and shit i was like NAR"
by Frank Fleming May 08, 2003
1 10
Generally used by chavs, it means 'no'. It is a negative, or used to reject something. Usually followed by the word 'mate', or used after the word 'oi'.
Nar mate, that's long.
Oi nar, that's long.
by smurf_xo October 20, 2007
19 29
nar: a comonly used term of the nar dans in fact, a term so comly used that the word nar dan is derived from it. To this day the true meaning of this term eludes me. It can aparently be used in many contexts, and its meanings range from "no" to " i want to smash your skull with a blunt object".nar is often used in conjunction with the term dan.
" nar! you is gonna regret calling ma hoe!"
by rizo299 March 11, 2004
2 12
Another word for Jizz.
"dude i totally narred on that bitches face"
by ray hot stuff August 21, 2008
22 33
Nar Is Short For No
"Did u See That"

"Nar What Was It"
by Omari17 November 01, 2007
44 55