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A particularly strong form of nepotism, where not only are family members given preference in hiring and promotion, but often in the face of incompetence, poor work ethic, or literally sleeping on the job.
The owner wouldn't fire his son even after learning that whenever he's out of town, his son will use his father's office to take naps while everyone else continues to do their jobs. If that's not napotism, I don't know what is!
by bshakin67 March 21, 2011
1. Coming from a combination of the words nepotism and nappy, it means to favor black people over other races when making decisions.

2. Used instead of nepotism when talking about black families favoring their relatives for jobs.
John showed napotism when he chose to hire that dirty black man with no education rather than the white Harvard graduate.

Going black and never going back is an example of napotism.

Affirmative Action is basically a fancy word for napotism.
by Monkey Whore October 22, 2010
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