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Showing someone favoritism because of who their parents or relatives are.
Since the boys father was a very famous actor, the boy got a lot of acting deals.
by Lisa October 20, 2004
136 26
A crime against the more qualified, talented, experienced workers who apply for employment because the people actually hired for the job were related to, friends with, sleeping with, or had incriminating evidence against, the person or people doing the hiring.
Nepotism runs ramped at the company and safety and performance is poor since 80% of the employees are related to or friends with the Vice President.
by Brian Sena August 13, 2006
149 43
why george w. bush was elected president
Though Dubya was off partying throughout his college years and the Vietnam war, nepotism landed him in the Oval Office.
by Katherineeeeee September 01, 2005
131 90