To fart extremely loudly, or with an abundance of odor.

Of course this is in reference to the 1945 atom bomb. Can also he used with Hiroshima, depending on mood.
Dude, I just dropped a Nagasaki!
by stevo February 04, 2005
anything that is ugly, disguisting, gothic, skanky, backstabbing, parrot like, has love handles, needs to shower, has extreme BO, excessive dandruff, gigantic green pimples on neck, and neon rainbow clown outfits that do not match at all. basically, anything unhygenic and/or extremely ugly
"why are you so nagasaki? SHOWER!"

"don't wear those neon pink shoes with those neon orange pants and that rainbow shirt. you'd be pulling a nagasaki."

"don't hook up with her boyfriend, you nagasaki!"
by jesse ramirez March 20, 2009
While your girl is giving you head, right before you blow, you push her down on the floor, stick your big toes beside her eyes, pull them to look Asian and then bomb her in the face.
You gonna look this good after I Nagasaki you???
by Brian Pippin May 09, 2006
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