Another way of saying nigger. Often used on the internet in forums and comments to get around automatic filtering systems. Systems that would not allow a post with "nigger" in it.
The nags are ruinin this country
by StvoLinsky March 24, 2010
Nicest And Greatest
Me: damn she is such a nag yo

Jane: Yeah man, you're really lucky to have someone so nice and great.
by m4nder April 23, 2013
"Naval Academy Girlfriend" - the term affectionately bestowed upon the girlfriends of the United States Naval Academy (a prison-like college where Midshipmen (students) are put through many trials and tribulations which ultimately affect the life of their NAG). These women band together and have formed a sisterhood to support each other and their boyfriend/fiance.
Midshipmen A: Did you hear they changed the weekend policy?

Midshipmen B: Yeah, my NAG told me that a week ago. They find out everything before we do... it's scary.

Midshipman A: *sigh* I wish I had a NAG...
by 15jabroni December 15, 2011
Nigga aint got shit
that boy is cute, nahh hes a NAG

there are NAGS everywhere
by kfgdsoljksdof March 08, 2011
is a person who is surrounded by others who don't take it upon themselves to do the things they know need to be done
My mother is such a nag because I don't take the trash out every week like I am suppose to for her.
by Mema106 August 18, 2010
Stands for:

No Appetizing Game Snacks
John's Superbowl party suffered from NAGS and we all died of hunger.
by DJTECH September 10, 2006
Commonly heard in smoke filled gambling holes in reference to a horse who has performed in a sub par manner and has usually cost a bearded old coot his fortnightly welfare cheque.
Often implies the animal in question may be only a short trip away from the glue factory.
Carn ya nag daddy needs a new bottle o moonshine!

Damned old nag! now i'm gonna have to beat my kids for their pocket money so i can get drunk tonight!
by Haggis McHaggis October 25, 2004

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