-Niggaz With Attitude. Their first gangsta rap group from Compton,California that started in 1989 and ended in the late 90s. Members are Dr.Dre,Eazy-E,Ice Cube,MC Ren and DJ Yella.

-Stands for No Whites Allowed. This meaning originated in racist times,where people of color made their own stores,communitys,groups and would say to a waite person "NWA".
Yo the NWA are the hottest group of the gangsta 90's ya heard?
by GAME50 October 22, 2005
A group formed, with a name that stands for: 'Nigga's Witta Attitude'
"Hitchhikin' if that's what it gotta do. /
But nobody's pickin' up a Nigga Witta Attitude (N.W.A.)/
Confused... /"
by MCPhase April 22, 2006
a notorious group of gangstas who said motha fuck the police and whos lyrics were explicter than any other artist out there!!!!
person 1: "yo dawg i just got one of nwa's greatest cd's"

person 2: "hell yea bump that shit"
by infamousking October 22, 2006
Niggaz With Attitude. Considered the creators of Gangsta Rap. Also the first groupd to use explicit lyrics.
Some musicians cuss at home, but scared to use profanity playing up on the microphone. - NWA
by JustBlaze216 November 01, 2007
N.W.A. The best rappers that had the best songs and said how they felt what was going on and around the black community
stands for Niggaz Wit Atitude and what deffines the best gangster rap and rap itself now the rap today is a disgrace with all these rappers that cant even rap and rap about grillz wich is sad considering N.W.A. had given effort and could acctually rap and ryme and now just say a few words and a few music beats and then you're famous
by Piers June 27, 2006
Or NIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDES. A very populap rap group from the 1980's including DR. DRE, ICE CUBE, EAZY E, MC REN & DJ YELLOW
N W A sung songs such as: Fuck The Police, Real Niggaz Dont Die & Express Yourself!
by dan adler May 26, 2007
the hip hop group that started the whole gangsta shit.

then everyone else did it, but no one did it right like nwa.
''we started this gangsta shit, and this the motha fuckin thanks we get?'' -dr dre, the watcher

nwa the godfathers of gangsta rap.
by kuslhiufhsi November 04, 2008
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