A West Coast gangsta rap group founded in the late eighties that carried over to the early nineties. Dr. Dre was in charge, DJ Yella was the DJ, and Ice Cube, MC Ren, and Eazy E did their thang. Their best album was "Straight Outta Compton". Their most famous songs include "Fuck Tha Police", "Straight Outta Compton", "Express Yourself", and "Alwayz Into Somethin'". NOT the inventors of gangsta rap, since Ice T and Compton's Most Wanted kind of beat them to that. Still, N.W.A. represents gangsta rap in its heyday. Some people think they're assholes because they don't have respect for no one. Other people think they kick ass for that same precise reason. I adhere to the latter opinion. Good group. RIP EAZY.
N.W.A. is good shit, man!
by rich white kid August 20, 2005
1: Niggaz With Attitude; a rap group known for "Fuck Da Police", and being the breeding ground for gangsta rap.

2: National Wrestling Alliance; a loose affiliation of wrestling promoters formed in 1948 by Sam Muchnick for the purpose of recognizing one world champion, and ensuring a helluva lot of money be made by all (promoters).
by First National Bastard April 14, 2003
n.w.a is a rap group around in the late 80's early 90's their name stands for niggas with attitude, they are milliton
" n.w.a are milliton "
by aaron holland (captain crosstoe) December 09, 2004
North West Airlines, how many times do you get a hard core rap enthusiest trying to get to the "niggers with attitude" site only to find out info in the 10:15 to clevland
NWA north west airlines
by Tony M December 15, 2003
niggaz with attitudes, the defining rap group, they made da hood look good an put da police in they place wit Fuck da police, Ice cube, dr dre,
easy e, mc ren, dj yella, and then snoop dogg after easys death
nwa for life niggaz, RIP Easy E
by gangsta god January 12, 2005
Niggaz wit attitude-fuck you who eva wrote fuckin "no whites allowed"--damn cracker
Niggaz Wit Attitude is true motherfuckin gangsta rap
by Evil August 05, 2003
NWA = Niggaz With Attitude. The name says it all. Rap group outta Compton, California comprised of Easy E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Renn, and the D.O.C. The original rap group to stir up and disturb the status quo held mostly by white conservative republicans who want to see the blacks living on the bottom of society so the rest of the US can live good. They're basicly responsible for the dirrection rap has taken and led us to today; imitated many times but never duplicated. Both hated and loved for their revolutionary thinking, and fresh orriginality they brought to the mike. Often considered the anti-Public Enemy for their promotion of violence, drugs, cursing, etc. Gave birth to a few truely great MCs : mega producer and rapper Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Easy E, Tupac Shakur, (formerly) Snoop Dogg, Death Row Records, and upcomming prodigy: The Game.

Sometimes refered to as Nerds With Aptitude which is funny as hell, cause they are anything but this (they wern't known for bieng overly educated but so what?).
N.W.A were the greatest back in the day and, their memory is alive and well today, without a doubt.
by Adrian October 16, 2006
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