north west airlines
you kids listen too much rap.nwa really means north west airlines!
by willam diffo April 06, 2009
Best shit ever.
fuck fuck fuck tha police f fuck fuck tha police N.W.A
by Eastsidecrips March 18, 2015
Niggas With Altitude

I'm getting on NWA flight 420.
by bigsbee November 22, 2007
*Today was rough, I could use some NWA right now.*
by jalencomb08 November 25, 2011
A porn movie called "No White Ass"
1: Did you watch that NWA movie
2: Yeah son, black asses everywhere, no white ass.
by Toronto Raptors January 24, 2008
An acronym for NorthWest Airlines.
"should I drop you off at the Lufthansa terminal?" "naw dog, im ride wit nwa"
by John February 11, 2005
National Watermeloneating Association, do you get, because niggaz like to eat watermelon.
o shii it's the fuzz is what the nwa'z were saying with their hoes & grillz & drugz& other steriotypical things
by rld October 15, 2006

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