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A bunch of gangsta ass niggas coming straight outta compton. Consists of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Easy E, MC Ren, and the easily forgotten DJ Yella Boy.

everyone besides yella rapped.
rapping talent is ranked by ice cube, dre, easy, then ren.

Once Ice Cube left everything went down hill and easy and dre got into fights and went back and forth fighting.

Nowwa days Ice Cube is in disney movies(did you know the longshots was directed by fred dirnst of limp bizkit?), dre is still making music, easy died of AIDS, Ren sucked so hes not doin much now, and yella is directing pornos

a.k.a. the best west coast rap group
derek: weezy is the best!
some black guy: nah son listen to n.w.a.
-next day-
derek: yo im sorry
by mynoduesp1111111 May 13, 2009
Niggas With Altitude

I'm getting on NWA flight 420.
by bigsbee November 22, 2007
A porn movie called "No White Ass"
1: Did you watch that NWA movie
2: Yeah son, black asses everywhere, no white ass.
by Toronto Raptors January 24, 2008
An acronym for NorthWest Airlines.
"should I drop you off at the Lufthansa terminal?" "naw dog, im ride wit nwa"
by John February 11, 2005
National Watermeloneating Association, do you get, because niggaz like to eat watermelon.
o shii it's the fuzz is what the nwa'z were saying with their hoes & grillz & drugz& other steriotypical things
by rld October 15, 2006