Niggers With alzheimers. A charity organization collecting money for research of Alzheimers, particulary the alzheimers that black people get.
Give some money to the N.W.A.!
by Dr. And Mr. Thorpe September 20, 2006
best rap group ever only real gangsters..stayed true threw everythign
them niggas is crazy mane
by mike jones March 14, 2005
the definition of gangster
N.W.A. are true gangsters
by ? March 24, 2003
Nana's with Alzheimer's

I suggest not fucking with them.
The NWA's new hit singles are out!

Yeah I can't wait to listen to My grandsons in the police and Straight out of where?
by BLK FOLK January 25, 2011
Niggas With Attitude. MC Ren, Ice Cube, Eazy motha fuckin' E, Dr. Dre n' DJ Yella. Formed in 1986, from Compton, CA. Dre and DJ Yella supplied the beatz while the rest of 'em brought on the dope flows. Known for hits, such as Straight Outta Compton, Fuck tha Police, and Gangsta Gangsta. They're considered the first of the gangsta rap genre.
"Gotta crime rep that'll you dancin, with a murder record like Charles Manson." -NWA
by Charlie $ February 06, 2007
1. Niggaz With Attitude, hip hop group from Compton, California, one of the first gangsta rap groups.

2. New World Assassin, a doctor in the US who was originally recruited in a 'yellow'/'brown'/'black' country.

3. National Wrestling Alliance, a group of professional wrestling promotions.
Comin' Straight Outa Compton

With the docs here, you gotta be careful of the NWA

NWA! It's real to me, dammit!
by IceflamePhoenix September 06, 2007
north west airlines
you kids listen too much rap.nwa really means north west airlines!
by willam diffo April 06, 2009

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