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No shit, Sherlock.
Oh...Macs don't have DOS, do they?
No shit, Sherlock.
by KiwiKittyBoy April 27, 2004
A kind of sleepover that involves a girl that just wants to cuddle and a guy with an uncomfortable boner all night long.
Polsy and Heller had an NSS last night?

Did they ... ya know?

No, dude it was a NSS. Non sexual sleepover.

Oh, thats gay.

by HellerKeller69 April 05, 2010
Noun. An abbreviation for the medical term: Nasoom Sleepless Syndrome. This term is considered to be out of date by many experts in the field and hence has lost its place in the modern medical texts.
Doctor: I'm afraid your symptoms are consistent with NSS, or Nasoom Sleepless Syndrome. I will prescribe you some Ambien, it should help you regain your normal sleep pattern.
by tictocdoc April 23, 2011
Non Sexual Sleepover
Hey i had an nss last night. This girl was so prude.

That girl has a tattoo on the lower back, she definitely does not nss.
by Chu face April 03, 2010
The sound of "techno" and related music. Also can denote this music itself.
Darrell: What does Jon's techno music sound like?

Royce: What do you think? Nss nss nss...

Hey Bob did you go nss'ing last night?

God that nss is so annoying!
by Darrell Trapp December 05, 2009
Natural Science Seminar - An oral presentation lasting 30 minutes by undergraduate science majors, often about their undergraduate research.
Dr. Brock tore Samantha's research methods to bits durring her NSS last week. Poor Girl.
by WWC Wombat January 27, 2006
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