National Rifle Association

An association that promotes the second amendment which "supposedly" gives Americans right to hold guns--even though more than half of a muders are caused by the use of a gun. least they are upholding civil rights!...right?

Nevertheless, they are EXTREMELY strong supporters and donors of Republicans and President Bush which is the only reason Republicans even have money to begin with...

Republicans and conservatives are known for putting the interests of big corporations ahead of civil rights, e.g., a company claiming they dont have to put wheelchair ramps because the disablity act was passed AFTER the company was founded--Republicans backed them up.

So, therefore...Redefined

National Rifle Association
An assocation that advocates the second amendment but, as a result of strongly supporting and giving millions of dollars to Republicans, are AGAINST all the other amendments.

NRA-The Reason George W. Bush Is In Office Right Now
Also the reason why Republicans are so god damn rich
Dude: NRA kicks ass!!! real men support the nra!!
Dude(2): No, just men with small balls support the nra since holding a gun makes them feel like a real man
Dude: Oh...your just dumb
Dude(2): ya like bush?
Dude: fuck no!!! i hate that dumb motha fucka!!! gas prices r so god damn high!!
Dude(2):well...NRA gave millions of dollars to bush--they are the reason bush won TWICE
Dude: no!!!!!!!!!!!@!!@
by Marcos1779 January 01, 2006

A God sent...

I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!
Everybody should support the NRA.
by NRA forever !!!! July 10, 2004
The term in some smaller towns for a very large ass
Wow look at the NRA on her
by Inspector Willie September 10, 2008
1. Nympho Riders of America. A group who advocates sexual liberation.
I'm a card carrying member of the NRA, and I get more pussy than the humane society!
by beelzedub October 10, 2005
National Rifle Association. A group in America rallying to uphold the law allowing the people of America should be allowed to bear arms. Part of the reason why America's gun laws are overly relaxed so that the mentally insane, criminals and blind people can now own guns in America. They all have a dangerous level of patriotism that claims that not to own a gun is failing your responisiblity as an American, which of course, is nonsense. Also have a habit of doing large scale pro-gun rallies shortly after school shootings. Hence because thanks to the American constitution, America now has more gun deaths than all ecomonically developed countries in the western world, COMBINED. All thanks to guns being readily availbe for everyone; even if you're blind, insane, a convicted velon or just a trigger happy lunatic who feels everyone is out to get him.
"If guns made people safe, America would be the safest country in the world."
by Shame on the NRA July 03, 2005
National Record Of Achievement
Its common sence mate!!!!
by Paki May 17, 2003
An organization that thinks Americans should have the right to carry any sort of weapon they choose. However, they hope that Americans will be responsible with these lethal weapons. They also support firearms safety programs, but do not think they should be mandatory.
The NRA supports assault weapons because of their many practicle uses.
by Mr. K. December 11, 2004

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