To prod with a stick,i.e. norping stick.
Norper-Someone who norps.
Norped-To have been prodded with a norping stick.
Mike Philpott-A norper.
I am going to norp you.
Stop it you norper.
Oh no! I have been norped.
Mike Philpott is a norper.
by Ye Pugh June 14, 2004
Top Definition
Acronym for "Normal Ordinary Respectable Person." Used as a pejorative by those who consider themselves part of the counterculture.
"This party happens once a year and he won't even call in sick. Says his wife wouldn't approve. What a NORP!"
by quietman May 18, 2009
Secret code for porn. Used when discussing in public or whenever deemed nessecary.
"Dude, that was some killer norp you had."

"Yeah man, your mum made all the difference."
by Ramblaron August 15, 2006
see pron
miss-spelling used by underage guys to hide directories containing porn.
check out my norp directory
by MinDPhuK April 05, 2003
Nerdfighter abbreviation. Means Not Offended by Rude People
"I'm so NORP, that comment didn't even phase me."
by xwhoaaa January 28, 2009
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