The general area of the external female genitalia.
Let me arrange my thong it is stuck in my non.
by Laurel June 13, 2003
short for ‘non-smoking’, in addition to other ‘non-’s.
*Please wait to be seated*

))server greets you((

“Hello!, and how many will there be t’night?”

"Let’s see... four--no, make that five."

“Mmmkay, and d’you prefer smoking or non?”

"Meh, it doesn’t matter to me.."

“Awright, follow me,” *Eric-the-Waiter leads the way to nearest available booth*
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005
is a word from the school of charterhouse, to mean someone that doesnt smoke.
"dont tell the non's"
"your a non fuck off"
by Alexiooooooo September 29, 2007
used to describe someone who is totally the opposite of any one desirable trait, ie. someone who is very uncool, very ugly, very stupid etc.
generally used by those who are well-endowed with the particular trait they refer to, ie. supercool, beautiful, fit etc.
"oh lordy, look what tracey has done to her hair!"
"aye, she's such a fucking non"
by __lux__ September 19, 2006
Dating from the 1970's; inner-city black youths would insult what they considered non-athletic opponents by calling him/her a "non", or their actions "nonny".
"Boyeeeee, git yo' nonny butt off dis flo', you ain't got no game!"
by Kirk Davenport May 05, 2006
To be non - homosexual
A non noun would be either homosexual or just bad
oh no, maths next, that's so non
by FishFlop February 06, 2009
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