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Not my problem. Used in a really, derogatory, off hand way. Used to show that you really don't care. Almost a "I told you so" phrase.
You better go clean that shit up, it's NMP

I tried to tell you she was a ho, NMP.

NMP, you go find the money to pay the shark
by stuntedmonk April 11, 2007
An acronym used in text messaging or social networking. It stands for not my problem.
John- "My car broke down."
Eric- "Nmp."
by nicoleeexii September 04, 2010
Neo-Morality Police, the opposite of "SJWs".
A growing community of online reactionaries who dismiss any attempts to be progressive or egalitarian movement through pejorative terms.
NMP: anybody who uses the word bigot/sexist/racist must be a tumblrite/SJW
by peachesandlily June 04, 2015
Acronym for 'not my problem'. Typically used in situations where sympathy would be expected.
From the Monk T.V. episode 'Mr Monk Gets Fired'

Commissioner Brooks:
I don't care. The man is toast. He'll never work for this department, with this department or in this department again! And I'm pulling his private liscense!

Captain Stottlemeyer:
No you can't do that.

Commissioner Brooks:
It's all ready done!

Captain Stottlemeyer:
Commissioner Brooks, Police work, detection, that's all Monk knows. If you do that it will kill him.

Commissioner Brooks:
That's NMP! Not. My. Problem.
by ceruleanblue June 29, 2012
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