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Not my problem. Used in a really, derogatory, off hand way. Used to show that you really don't care. Almost a "I told you so" phrase.
You better go clean that shit up, it's NMP

I tried to tell you she was a ho, NMP.

NMP, you go find the money to pay the shark
by stuntedmonk April 11, 2007
An acronym used in text messaging or social networking. It stands for not my problem.
John- "My car broke down."
Eric- "Nmp."
by nicoleeexii September 04, 2010
Acronym for 'not my problem'. Typically used in situations where sympathy would be expected.
From the Monk T.V. episode 'Mr Monk Gets Fired'

Commissioner Brooks:
I don't care. The man is toast. He'll never work for this department, with this department or in this department again! And I'm pulling his private liscense!

Captain Stottlemeyer:
No you can't do that.

Commissioner Brooks:
It's all ready done!

Captain Stottlemeyer:
Commissioner Brooks, Police work, detection, that's all Monk knows. If you do that it will kill him.

Commissioner Brooks:
That's NMP! Not. My. Problem.
by ceruleanblue June 29, 2012
not my president ...
george w bush is NMP!
by jw February 27, 2005