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not my president (or NMP)
Someone from Sydney: I'm lucky to be an Australian, because he's not my president.

Someone from Basra: I'm lucky to be an Iraqi, because he's not my president or is he?

Someone from California: "Dude he's NMP!"
by jw February 27, 2005
mo·rass (mè-räs', mô-)n. 1. An area of low-lying, soggy ground. 2. Something that hinders, engulfs, or overwhelms. -
I got morass than you this weekend
by jw July 18, 2004
Information gathered on the sly about a lover/friend/enemy.
I saw your boyfriend at the gay bar last night dancing with another man. Good reconnaissance work.
by JW March 06, 2009
The interval of time between when one sees lightning and when one hears the thunder clap.
You can tell how far away the lightning is by counting the svaha. Each second is about 1100 feet of distance from you because light travels at the speed of light and sound travels at about 750 miles per hour (or 1100 feet per second).
by JW May 28, 2004
a sex act performed by a white middle-aged housewife upon five West Indian males, to completion
When Mark is out at work, his generous wife invites strangers into the house and gives them oral, anal and even glossop!
by jw September 10, 2003
Chav speak for friend, used mainly in a one-to-one basis when describing how pissed they got, how many people they killed or what happened 'dawnnn' market.
"Fukin' hell, he was like proper givin it and i weren;t takin none of it deeshe, so i went an fukin stamped on his face'
by JW April 24, 2005
When C.B. is really drunk and urinates in nicks laundry basket. Upon furthur questioning, he states "It wasnt properly labeled."
by JW October 26, 2003

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