Not My Issue

Used to stop people from getting you to take on a responsibility that should not be yours, but they want it off their plate.
"Why are you telling me this? It is really NMI."
by Arbeebee August 15, 2007
Top Definition
Non-Maskable Interrupt. Something you need to deal with as soon as it arises, usually an urgent call of nature.
"Gotta go, NMI."
"Core dump?"
"More like kernel panic."
by varn_ix July 17, 2008
1. Not Much Information, as contrasted with "TMI" or too much information.
2. To be short-changed or slighted due to sloppy service or poor design.
1. I'm afraid our company cannot hire you because of resume NMI.
2. I tried to return that carton of sour milk, but the register at Peblix had run out of ink. NMI, there was no proof that I'd bought that nasty stuff!
by Reliable Guide September 09, 2010
Need more info
NMI: Being terrible at writing issues and required to add additional info , sometimes in a perpetuum loop.
by palubaiatu August 02, 2015
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