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Taking a crap under normal circumstances. Contrast kernel panic and jettison stage one.
"Uh, dude, NMI."
"Core dump."
by varn_ix July 17, 2008
To take a dump, especially when great quantities of ejecta are involved.
to jettison stage one (expr.):

"Uhh. That was exhausting."
"Core dump?"
"More like jettisoning stage one."
by varn_ix July 17, 2008
The conversion of loose teeth (usually deciduous) into money. The underside of a pillow is necessary as a catalyst.
Little Peggy experienced firsthand the miracle of Transubstantiation.
by varn_ix December 23, 2008
Non-Maskable Interrupt. Something you need to deal with as soon as it arises, usually an urgent call of nature.
"Gotta go, NMI."
"Core dump?"
"More like kernel panic."
by varn_ix July 17, 2008
Diarrhoea (or diarrhea, depending on your linguistic preference). Contrast with core dump, which is solid.
"Uhh, that was exhausting."
"Core dump?"
"Nope, kernel panic."
by varn_ix July 17, 2008

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