not fucking likely
She said she wanted to shove something up my ass, but I told her that was nfl
by BrianTheDog July 26, 2008
- Synonym for 'Loser'
- Short for Nice Fucking Life.
- Derived from Anthrax song Efilnikcufecin.

A guy walks into McDonald's with no shirt, prison tats, meth eyes and sporting a beat up Winger hat. So you must murmur "NFL"

You can also substitute other words for the "L" and challenge friends to determine what you are ragging on. Example, you're at a party and a guy walks in with "Business on Top and Party in Back" hair. You say "N.F.M." and glance at the guy. Your buddy will have to check out the guy and figure out you meant "Nice Fucking Mullet".
by Stuk February 03, 2006
To request no garnish on a rum or tequila beverage, or Corona / Corona Light beer. An abbreviation of "No Fuckin' Lime".
"Gimme a Captain and Coke - NFL."
by jdliscious August 30, 2007
Acronym means Not For Long. Referring to the constant flow of traffic of men in and out of a woman's life that is hard to please.
Conversation between two guys,
Robert: "Man John you have become a part of Christie's NFL."
John: "I know, I didn't last a week, that chick wants the dishes washed, floors scrubbed, laundry done, yard mowed..."
Robert: "WAIT! You did all that? Did you at least get to hit it?"
John: "No!"
Robert: "Damn, you got inducted into the NFL hall of fame with that chick!"
by Schermerhorn January 13, 2009
no fucking luck.
so, my boss said to me that the chance for a raise was NFL.
and i asked him, point blank "what".
-he reiterated, in plainer english, no fucking luck"
- and then i said to him, " i liked the first response better".
by john willow May 27, 2008
The dumbed down version of the CFL (Canadian Football League) meant to produce hicks to watch halftime shows, commercials, and cheerleaders.
NFL sucks balls compared to the CFL
by saaaaaaaaaaywho November 14, 2010
Niggas From Linwood (notorious gang in Detroit)
Mike: A nigga, you goin to that party on Linwood tonight?
Chaz: Hell naw, the NFL run shit ova there.
Mike: Lol bitch.
by 313DeeBoi March 06, 2008
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