National Football League
The NFL is better than MLB.
by Ryan Nodal July 31, 2003
A football organization, who at the superbowl one year had all of the lights go out after half time. The middle of the game, and there were no lights. NFL stands for No Freaking Lights.
Man did you hear about the NFL?

What about it?
There were No Freakin Lights after halftime!
by Elisa Townl February 05, 2013
a bunch of pussies that get paid too much to play a GAME ... A GAME ... and then bitch that they arent paid enough. LOSERS !!!!
pussies that play football, nfl
by eric rebz March 12, 2011
not fucking likely
'here mate can you cover on saturday'
'nfl i've got me bros wedding that day
by norkdeddog March 12, 2009
1) The National Football Leauge (where "sweaty overpaid millionares" engage in highly athletic activity, yell at each other, then go party after the game and get arrested).
If you want to see REAL football played, complete with rivalries, enthusiastic student fans, and marching bands that kick a$$, watch it at the college level instead.
2)The National Forensic Leauge, which holds organized high school debates. They are, as stated in other entries, primarilly held on Saturdays at a host school and less, and there usually is some overpriced food being sold there. The events often run late and it can take forever to find out who won what. In addition, you tend to be required to dress "nicely" (the definition of this word itself is up for debate).
That said, there are tons of events and really something for anyone interested in speech and debate. Events typically include Policy (both 4 and 2-person), Lincoln-Douglass, Public Forum, Controversial Issue, and myriad Individual Events such as Original Oratory. If you're a drama kid, love to argue, or love the nuances of politics, there's bound to be an event you'll excell in.
Many high school kids are highly dedicated to the oft-overlooked art that is debate. They are willing to put up with sometimes badly organized events, possibly unfair or biased judges, and teams who engage in ridiculous behavior just for the joy that comes from knowing you've owned the other team, coupled with the joy that it will look good on your college applications.
Besides, can the football team use words like "inherency", "solvency", "kritik", "DA", and "counterplan" in normal conversation? Yeah, I didn't think so.
1) They watched NFL Monday Night Football.
2) I competed at a NFL event this Saturday.
by killerfiller December 05, 2005
Not For Long
NFl with calls like that ref!!!
by THE NFL GURU January 25, 2009
not fucking likely
She said she wanted to shove something up my ass, but I told her that was nfl
by BrianTheDog July 26, 2008

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