Nigga For Life
similar to tha white phrase BFF
u my nfl dawg
by DGATATTTT July 09, 2009
Nanjing Foreign Language School, (NFLS ,Simplified Chinese: ÄϾ©Íâ¹úÓïѧУ, nickname Nan-Wai ÄÏÍâ) is a high school located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, People's Republic of China. Founded by PRC's first premier (prime minister) Mr. Zhou Enlai in 1963. It is claimed as one of the most prestigious and competitive high schools in China.

Nanjing Foreign Language School consists of a three-year senior high school and a three-year junior middle school. Elementary graduates from Nanjing usually apply to its junior middle school by taking a series of examinations. The form of the examinations is usually in a flux due to different government policies varying from year to year. The focus of the examinations, however, is always students' academic skills on Chinese, English, and Mathematics.

After three years of study in the middle school, students usually take part in the standardized high schools entrance tests in Nanjing and a special school held qualification test. Qualified middle school graduates will continue their high school studies in the high school.

Nanjing Foreign Language School employs the standard education system of Jiangsu Province in disciplines other than foreign languages. Its uniqueness centers at its foreign language education, in which students may elect one from English, German, French, or Japanese as their major language of concentration. The latter three languages are usually not offered in average Chinese junior high schools or high schools. In addition, the English education is more intensive, and takes twice the time as an average school spends. The classes are conducted by local and foreign teachers with overseas lanuguage textbooks. Students at NFLS therefore attain a higher level of foreign language skills upon graduation.

The current principal of the school (2006) is Mr. Dong Zhengjing.

NFLS is best known for its language education.

NFLS is the best in Nanjing.

NFLS Alumni are all around the world.
by Xufan Cai September 20, 2007

Originated by the best people on this god damn planet.
by Jizz in my pants September 21, 2012
National Forensic League. An excuse to socialize all day and get naked with various other people on a bus. Probably the most fun you'll have in your life if your not an unsocial loser. A place to make great friends and do a variety of otherwise inappropriate things.
speecher: "I'm now officially part of the NFL!"
non-speecher: "National Football League?"
speecher: "No. The one with intelligent people..."
by i love turtlez May 24, 2011
Nigga's fa life
Devanne-Chase and Justin are some badass muthafuckers
Jessica- yo you know they are NFL!?!?
Devanne- what's NFL?
Jessica- nigga's fa life trick
by NFLtrick July 19, 2013
National Football League
The NFL is better than MLB.
by Ryan Nodal July 31, 2003
A verb meaning to bungle or handle clumsily or carelessly; to screw up by being obtuse or ham-handed.
We had the sale pretty much closed, and then Rich presented. Yeah, he totally NFL'd that one for us.
by Some_guy21 September 26, 2012
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