after the age of eighteen, if your still jobless, your known as a nfl. nota for life. you aint got no money.
dang she bout to be 18 wit no money, she gon be a nfl.
by j.west September 21, 2008
A League were, if anything, the players are UNDERPAID. NFL players get paid 0.000000000000000000000000000001% of what the league makes. Overpaid? Yeah right. Remeber that the NFL is a players league, and as a players league, people pay for the players merchandise. Without the players, nobody would by anything, therfour, the athletes NEED to make money. Besides, where is the billions of dollors the NFL makes supposed to go? Would anybody like it the NCAA's way, where dispite the athletes make all the money, all the money made is sent right to the NCAA's pockets and NOT the Athletes pockets? The NFL is the fairest thing in all of sports!
NFL: That man just bought a Terrell Owens Jersey for 50 dollors. T.O. made $.05 off the sale, then complained about it cause he's a fucking pussy. Then he bought a house for his mother.

NCAA: That man just bought a Reggie Bush jersey for 50 dollors. Reggie Bush made $0 off the sale, then complained about it so the NCAA fined him over 5000 dollors. Then Reggie bought a house for his mother so the NCAA took his Heisman away
by Zongafff October 09, 2006
National Football League, also No Fun League.

A alliance of 32 professional American football teams which achieves its vast financial success largely on the backs of degenerate gamblers and single, dateless, 40-something, Roto-fantasy geeks who still live with their moms.
"Man, the NFL sucks!

The only reason it even stays afloat is because of all the suckers laying down their paychecks on this week's betting line and all the pencil-necked Rotisserie geeks who spend every waking hour adjusting their fantasy football team rosters, and who think Woody Allen is a tough guy.

If not for those sad legions of fans, the NFL would be relegated to the third-rate level of athletic entertainment that it really is."
by NAT1138 January 21, 2007
A "sport" which is more defined by it's commercials and advertisements than the actual game. Generally, at least 50% of the players will be arrested at some point in their career for drugs or sexual misconduct.
My team won the NFL Super Bowl. I only care because now we can all whore the Super Bowl Ring when it goes on eBay after the running back gets arrested.
by buttcheeks mcgee October 09, 2005
1) Life long friends
2) a group or gang
3) an acronym for "Niggas For Life"
4) Not to be confused with SBL, DUI, STD, or GON
" Dat my dog, we be NFL!!"
by fntiger July 15, 2004

black guy: i'm in the NFL
asian guy: really? but you suck at football.
black guy: lol noob, i'm talkin about Niggaz Fo Life
by NFL person October 26, 2005
NFL is an acronym for no fucking lights
There was a row in the pub a few nights ago. Paddy told the other guy that if he carried on annoying him he would have NFL (meaning he would have two black eyes).
by St. Ias November 04, 2005
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