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A combination of the words "smell" & "sniff" forming the neologism: "smeff".
"OMG, what smeffs?"

"Do you smeff that?"
by Nat1138 September 09, 2008
National Football League, also No Fun League.

A alliance of 32 professional American football teams which achieves its vast financial success largely on the backs of degenerate gamblers and single, dateless, 40-something, Roto-fantasy geeks who still live with their moms.
"Man, the NFL sucks!

The only reason it even stays afloat is because of all the suckers laying down their paychecks on this week's betting line and all the pencil-necked Rotisserie geeks who spend every waking hour adjusting their fantasy football team rosters, and who think Woody Allen is a tough guy.

If not for those sad legions of fans, the NFL would be relegated to the third-rate level of athletic entertainment that it really is."
by NAT1138 January 21, 2007

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