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A person who is new at playing an online game and/or is bad at it.
also see noob,nub,nublet,nooblet,/\/00|3
gamer a:WTF you are soo stupid you use an AWP.
gamer b:Shut up you noob
by fallen hand of god November 23, 2004
One who is new at performing an action.
sp0rk is a noobie at dick gob
by H3X April 09, 2003
Derived from infantry slang, Vietnam war era.
Originaly "new meat" and refered to new troops fresh to the field. Sometimes shortened to "noo bee".
"Short timers"(those ready to head back Stateside) and "two digit midgets" (under 100 days left)considered them dangerous or a jinx.
Stay off the noobie, he's gonna go home early.

The noobie was fixing to dee-dee-mao when that shit hit.
by stonehouse October 16, 2007
A person who is new at something/ sucks at life in general.

A person who is a ho.
Hilo's are noobie laggers.
by Billup November 06, 2003
A boobie so small, often confused as a nipple.

I was going to go out on another date with Anna, but Im not really into chicks with noobies.
by tablebanker April 08, 2006
darryl wishearts butt fuzz
darryl your noobie is showing
by d nice March 29, 2003
ryan holman and thomas krane
god ryan and thomas...stop being such noobs at halo
by thomas <3 ryan May 02, 2005
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