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Stemming from the phrase 'no big deal' or 'nbd', 'NBP' means natural born poet. It is used whenever a friend of yours says some good poetry.
Broham: "Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you!"

Jason: "Wow, dude tell that to Tiffany, you're a NBP!!"
by guy12012 January 10, 2011
1.A self-contained leftist enviroment riddled with internal politics and bias, ment to reduce all parties to coniving and back stabbing. The perfect example of militant dictatorship.

2.The root of all evil.
NBPS is the root of all evil.
by Koneko February 09, 2005
The color of a vehicle. Stands for " Nighthawk Black Pearl".
That NBP RSX is sickkkk with it.
by rawness jazzified August 27, 2005
NBP means non bone-pressed, may be used in the context of measuring penis length.
Dude: "I'm around 7.5" inches NBP"
Other Dude: "Good for you mate... Now leave me alone"
by Xenoric July 20, 2015
stands for north beats productions
a record label out of kitchener-waterloo in canada
k-dub project is the main hiphop group out of the label
also their rock division of chaotic harmonics
yo NBP jus signed their new artist, man.
i know, Niterider, hes pretty sick
by kdubkid April 03, 2007
used to describe a group of friends who are real and are down to do anything for each other. The NB stands for "never bail" because NBP friends are down for whatever.
Also affiliated with JBR, which stands for "just be real" between friends.
"hey can u come out to arizona, there some people starting shit, come on NB"
"yah ill be there in an hour, NBp"
by samdyln January 17, 2007
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