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A description of a person that is overly determined to prove their point. A militant person might resort to verbal or physical attacks.
PETA is a militant organization.
by scy1192 August 28, 2008
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When an incident or indivdual becomes over-powered with rage, that situation can be descibed as being militant
He's going militant!! (someone is getting angry)
The bouncer's are going militant!!
by Styles March 06, 2005
handsome dude with large penis
man, i feel like i just got fucked by a militant!!!! that was the best orgasm ever!!! woooooooow. i love you.
by mandymoo January 19, 2007
Some guy that bitches about politics all day when no one really cares.
Talking to militant will put you to sleep.
by Emmanuel Goldstein September 23, 2003
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