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someone who is one or all of the following:

drunk, dumb, douchey, dick, d-bag.

used to describe the qualities of a Division 1 college athlete.
Girl 1: Tyler is annoying and Mark is a tool.

Girl 2: I know! Their party at OSU was so lame tonight. They are D1 douchebags.
by Terrelle P February 05, 2010
1) name given to a athlete raw enough to get a scholarship to a Division-1 school. 2) a shorter way of saying Division-1.
Damn, that wideout was scraping us last night. He is D-1.
by $ Dogg April 30, 2005
somebody who is really good at something, or tears shit up at something.
"dude i'm so D1 at football"
by teddy ute April 20, 2009
D1 is the same as the word "DONE", How? Because D= "D" and 1= "ONE" add it together D1 = "DONE".
Person 1. Hey, did you finish that level on GTA last night?
Person 2. No, I didn't finish it I'm "D1" wit it
Person 1. WTF IS "D1"
Person 2. "D1" = DONE, DUMMY -_-
by DA M'Fn CHAMP February 25, 2011
To be completed. To have finished.
(A K Hubbell ism)
1. I am so d1 with you.

2. Dude, Tom showed up at the meeting and dropped his pants. Dude is d1.
by -g. August 21, 2003
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