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Stands for "No Big Deal".
"Hey Joe, are you worried about the trig final?"
"NBD. Got it covered."
by Kyndria Brown May 13, 2005
Acronym for the phrase "No big deal". Typically used sarcastically at the end of a statement of importance as to say it was in fact a big deal.
I got an 89 on my econ final. That's 10 points above average! NBD.
by E. Michael Wood July 10, 2008
No Big Deal
i'm in a canoe halfway across the atlantic on my way to london, where i'm going to ride into buckingham palace on a zebra and kidnap the queen of england. nbd.
by nathalie.viridescence February 07, 2011
Stands for "No Big Deal" Used in online, and IRL settings.
Yo genesisjack I just got 6 headshots in a row, NBD.

"um yeah your right NBD at all I just got 12 and teabagged you"
by tehleet November 16, 2007
"no big deal"

often used by people to ensure that is was no big deal, even though it probably was...
mostly used in texts or lame facebook posts.
Guy 1: "Just got an A+ on the math final nbd."
Guy 2: "nobody gives a fuck."
by EatDog December 22, 2011
a phrase that, usually teenage girls or boys, use to brag about something without actually bragging about it. Extremely annoying and often makes the reader want to punch a uterus.
thomas: "just got laid seven a row. nbd or anything"

by DrSpearmint June 12, 2010
No Big Deal. it saves you precious seconds while at the same time sounding like you know what your doing
um NBD but i just did a back flip
by papa ogdog August 27, 2009
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