the acronym of "no big deal", sometimes used sarcastically.
Dominic:"I just heard 8-10 gunshots outside my house nbd
#nabd #big dice #big deal #small deal #not a big deal
by cyborg_ninja February 13, 2011
Skateboard slang for: "Never Been Done".
Backside Flip down El Toro; NBD. Not even Sheckler has done that!
#skateboarding #never #been #done #sheckler
by huphtur May 10, 2015
Abbreviation for "No Big Deal".
I just solved the energy crisis, NBD.

My girlfriend's got DD juggs, NBD.
#no #f-in #big #deal #bitches
by Skadoosh34324 August 02, 2011
1. An expression of forgiveness, "no big deal", found sometimes in video games where someone has done damage.

2. Trying to tell a raging person to be quiet, to settle down.
<player 1> Sorry i shot you.

<player 2> NBD. I was in your way, anyways.
#nbd #iiabd #wtfnb #ybfo #gohn
by u2forever July 19, 2011
no big deal.
yeah its nbd, but i got major poon last night
#nbd #no big deal #no biggie #no big #kinda a big deal
by crunk masta d October 27, 2009
No big deal. An acronym that, in conjunction with a boasting statement, adds emphasis and sarcasm to what you are trying to say.
Ummm, I'm pretty much the reason why everyone's coming to the part, nbd.

Nbd, but I've dated like 3 black women.
#nbd #no big deal #big deal #whoa #dayum
by thejson August 28, 2010
Nbd or Non-Intentional boner disoder. Usually happens to boys around the age of 10 to 16. This is an uncontrollable event and completely normal. Once a boy becomes a "man" he will no longer get Nbd's. Unforetunately some people will experience this disoder for a longer time than others or possibly forever. That is why you don't want to use viagra. At a young age.
Jill: "Hey jack"
Jack: "Hey"
Jill: "What's in you're pants?"
Jack: "Oh, that? Just my enormously large cock I can't hide"
Jill: "You mean you have Nbd"
Jack: "yes...."
Jack: "I had the hardest Nbd last period"
John: "I know my pants are so tight it hurts"
Jack: "Man, Nbd's are annoying"
John: "I know mine was harder than a goats butt in a jalepeno pepper patch"
#penis #boner #cock #boobies #dick #skin #nbd #erect
by cockblocker6969 November 04, 2011
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