No Black Dick
John: When my daughter is older she will be under a strict NBD policy

Paul: What's that

John: "No Black Dick"

Paul: Good call
by NBD2010 February 10, 2010
Never Back Down

A phrase commonly used to encourage a friend to do something crazy or gutsy.
Guy: Yo you should totally ask her out right now.

Friend: No way man I don't even kn-

Guy: NBD! Do it!
by AdderFadder September 03, 2010
short for "No Big Deal!" when talking (not necesarily online, say NBDNoBigDeal. all smooshed together like that. possibly in a sarcastic manner.
1. A. Omigosh! i cannot believe i forgot my paper at home
B. Dont even worry about it. NBD. No Big.

2. okay so i ran 8 miles at track today NBD, no big deal. (sarcastic tone)
by Megan! March 22, 2005
No Big Deal; If something happends and its not a big deal.
"Yeah its nbD to me, Enemy Territories"
by Logan.G aka trnx March 27, 2007
never been done. opposite of ABD (already been done)

popular in forum culture
thats got nbd written all over it
by epicly lally'd August 28, 2006

Often used in the act of peer pressure. While it is a simple acronym, NBD is essential to the comradery of a community of friends, bros, hos, sisters, and so forth.
Person A: "Time to drink"
Person B: "i dont feel like it"
Person A: NBD Son...or forfeit your mancard
Person B: *sigh* okay
by iammedan February 03, 2009
Nunc boogerus dentorum = It's time to chew a booger.
Hey, Lou, I'm bored. NBD?
by Steve Hoglund July 02, 2007
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