The fucking coolest guy on the planet. Whoever has this nickname is just a badass! taint rules!
Lebron ain't got shit on Nato bro!
by Jah123666 December 14, 2009
No Action Transport Only. Refers to a guy attached to a group of females, usually no more than four.

The male is in love with one or more of the women, but, alas, ihs love is not reciprocated. The guy is used solely because he has a car, and the girls do not, so they lead him on and use him for transportation purposes only.
A: Look at Bob, hanging out with all those chicks.
B: Nah, man, nothing's going on, he's just NATO.
by bhalrog November 05, 2009
A bad ass writer who stands tall against Wild Krooks on a daily basis, and also likes to indulge in patch work quilting when not piecing bully f.
Graffiti done by nato, this artist is famous.
by toooom November 15, 2006
nATo, alternatively spelled n.A.T.o., is a Russian/Georgian born Farsi singer. Her music videos, concerts, and lyrics deal with love, destruction, and despair, and she always appears in her trademark headscarves. She had the same producer as the Russian duet t.A.T.u., but sometime in 2006 he was pressuring nATo too much, so she too eventually told him to screw off and that she wanted to do her own thing.
Two good songs by nATo are Chorchavon and Be Umide.
by nATo fan March 05, 2008
Nines and tens only.

The phrase was coined by The Shameless crew/ Connected Ent
That girl is NATO!

Its all about chicks that are NATO!
by Abszie February 27, 2008
No Action, Transport Only. this is when you see a guy in the club with about 6 women around him but he gets no play with them. This is because he drove them there and they used him only as a ride
guy1: look at those fine babes he's with
guy2: don't worry, that's a loser from school, he's NATO
by smoKe January 05, 2005
Various club abbreviations strewn across America
1. North American Truck Organization
2. No Americans Take Orders
3. Next At The O's
by StudyPunkRockism February 29, 2004
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