Need Alcohol To Operate
Dude1: Dude, she won't have sex with me.
Powerful Kid: That's because she NATO on everyone.
Dude1: WTF? I've taken U.S. History already.
Powerful Kid: You cock fag! You need to fill er' up with alcohol before you can "operate" on her.
Dude1: Oh...
by BenchMax345 March 29, 2008
Needs America To Operate; Nothing After Two O'Clock - both describe the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's general inability to accomplish real world missions without heavily depending upon US assistance and financing, along with the seemingly inept way they can't organize the simplest of tasks or internal communications. Most countries assigned to NATO have a laxed approach to work, where quitting time is around 1400 hours every day, regardless of what is going on.
US pilot: Hey, suit up, we gotta go bomb Libya

NATO pilot: What? We can't! It's already 2pm! Time to go home!
by Short Bus Mafia April 05, 2011
Not Attached To Outcome. Used in the movie Nearing Grace.
1) The speaker does not care all that much what is happening with the listener.
2) The speaker trusts the judgement of the listener.
3) The speaker realizes that the situation is more important to/for the listener.
"It's up to you what you do. I'm NATO."
by TheSharpenedQuill December 14, 2008
The most powerful military alliance in the world. NATO bases can be found all across Europe, and almost all of them are armed with Nuclear weapons to prevent a Soviet invasion of Europe.
When the United States was attacked on 9/11, NATO joined the conflict in Afghanistan, as per their treaty.
by Benpg December 23, 2007
N. Not a Tool of Society

A. Same as NTOS

B. Not much can be said about these creatures for they remain mysteriously hidden from the world and the general public.

C. Typically non-religious but ubertastically and virtuously spiritual.

D. Usually a loner but can be known to have a small circle of trusted friends. No more than 5, and thats elaborated.

E. Known to hold careers such as astronauts, shaman, artists, underground musicians that never go mainstream for fear of being tainted, ninjas, judges, revolutionary leaders like Gandhi, etc.

F. Also known to wander the earth like a survivalist gypsy in order to live a completely free life devoid of earthbinding behaviors.

G. One who is always attempting to awaken themselves and awaken others in the process.

H. Sacred and endangered species.

I. Known to be slaughtered, killed, or tortured mercilessly until they commit suicide in the UTOSes hopes of becoming a NTOS/NATOS.

Boy: "Hey ma! Is that a NATOS/NTOS?

Mother: "No honey, that's just a UTOS in NTOS/NATOS disguise. You can identify one by it's habits and attire if you know one long enough, but beware UTOSes will suck the life from your veins like a vampire."

Boy: ); (cries)

Elizabeth: "I tried to sabotage myself to save my boyfriend from turmoil but it was too late. Turns out I changed into a NTOS/NATOS and he still became a UTOS...LFS" ):

"I knew a NTOS/NATOS once. Unfortunately a large group of UTOSes came together and murdered him in an attempt to gain more power... I guess they read it in a book or something."
by LonEwoLf87 March 16, 2009
Military term for how someone wants their tea or coffee. Means white two sugars.
"Cup of tea?"

"Yeah, mine's NATO please"
by josierichmond November 18, 2007
The act of getting Nato'd. Nato'd; also known as getting drunk or intoxicated, having sex with a girl, or getting stiff armed by the captain of the football team.
"'We gettin drunk man?' response: 'Oh yea man we're gettin Nato'd'"

"'Hey baby, you wanna do it?' response: 'Ya babe..... Nato.....'"

"'Ja*r, I don't care who you are, get the fuck out of my way' response: 'OH MY GOD NATO!!!'"
by omgnato April 09, 2009
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